Alexa Seleno


cropped image of hairdresser trimming ends of blonde hair

Cutting is one of the most important services that a hair salon can offer and when it comes to haircutting, Debarge Hair know how it’s done.

Salon Director Paul has 30-plus years of experience and has trained stylists in the art of cutting across Australia and around the globe.

A good haircut not only serves to improve the overall health and condition of your hair, it can also make you feel more confident, attractive, and refreshed. The team of skilled hair stylists at Debarge Hair uses cutting techniques to create a customized look that will enhance your natural features, complement your personal style, and meet your specific needs and preferences.

Paul routinely trains the team at Debarge Hair, passing on his wealth of knowledge and experience to maintain and deliver the highest standards to customers.

Let one of our expert haircutters give you a personalised consultation.

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